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Kit de cultivo de espirulina

Spirulina Growth PRO (20L)

It is a live strain culture, which already contains both strain and nutrients. No mixing is necessary, it can be used directly. It is advisable to buy two carafes to be able to work better with the Incubator PRO culture. Once the culture is established, it can be diluted and the tub can be filled up to 200 litres of culture.

Spirulina culture with strain and culture medium for starting a spirulina culture. Ref: ESP-PRO

What does the product contain?

Additional information

Kit 1

Spirulina growth kit, Regents to prepare 200L

How to cultivate spirulina

Step number 1:

Select a suitable growth medium: The spirulina growth medium needs to be adapted to the conditions of your home or restaurant. This is not difficult, as we have the suitable means.

Step number 4:

Establish a growth program: A suitable growth program must be provided for spirulina. You will also find it in our instructions.

Step number 2:

Prepare the culture solution: The culture solution must contain the proper nutrients for the growth of spirulina. We provide them in our growth kit.

Step number 5:

Control the growth of spirulina: There must be control and monitoring of the spirulina growth to ensure good production. Spirulina reproduces by cell division and its growth is rapid when the ideal culture conditions are provided.

Step number 3:

Establish a suitable environment: It is important to have a suitable environment for the cultivation of spirulina. This includes temperature, light, agitation and salinity which is sufficient. Our system will help you have everything under control through a mobile app.

Step number 6:

Harvest, filter and consume: It is necessary to harvest and filter spirulina to ensure its good quality and safe use. It lasts two or three days in the refrigerator.

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