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Kit de cultivo espirulina

Spirulina growth kit

This Modulagrofarm® spirulina growth kit is of our own design and the result of extensive research by our team of professionals who are part of this project. In it you will find the strains of spirulina for cultivation that you need to start producing spirulina. Whether you are a domestic or a professional producer, this starter kit for producing spirulina allows you to cultivate spirulina in a very simple way. You can do it with our strain (Arthrospira platensis), for which the instructions are included, or with the strain you are considering cultivating.

Starter kit for producing spirulina

In this kit you will find all the elements necessary for starting cultivation of the spirulina strain, such as the strain itself (Arthrospira platensis) in a fresh state, the complete food or growth medium and the basic minimum tools.

  • Spirulina strain: (Arthrospira platensis) in 500 ml bottles. 
  • Solid growth medium: Medium for cultivation of 5L. 5 x Bag 
  • Iron solution: (2g/L FE-EDTA) in a 120 ml bottle. 
  • Kit instructions: ask for them through the contact form if you want to know more.

Growth kit varieties

  • Spirulina growth kit (25 L culture): Kit in which all the elements necessary for the cultivation of spirulina are found, such as: Arthrospira platensis strain, growth medium and the basic instructions and tools for its cultivation. 
  • Reagents to prepare 50 L of spirulina growth medium: Kit containing the powdered reagents necessary for the preparation of 50 L of growth medium, in addition to iron in solution with water, essential for the growth of the Arthrospira platensis strain, as well as the necessary instructions for correct preparation.

What does the product contain?

Additional information

Kit 1

Spirulina growth kit, Ref: ESP-1025L

Kit 2

Regents to prepare 50 L, Ref: GMFE050L

How to cultivate spirulina

Step number 1:

Select a suitable growth medium: The spirulina growth medium needs to be adapted to the conditions of your home or restaurant. This is not difficult, as we have the suitable means.

Step number 4:

Establish a growth program: A suitable growth program must be provided for spirulina. You will also find it in our instructions.

Step number 2:

Prepare the culture solution: The culture solution must contain the proper nutrients for the growth of spirulina. We provide them in our growth kit.

Step number 5:

Control the growth of spirulina: There must be control and monitoring of the spirulina growth to ensure good production. Spirulina reproduces by cell division and its growth is rapid when the ideal culture conditions are provided.

Step number 3:

Establish a suitable environment: It is important to have a suitable environment for the cultivation of spirulina. This includes temperature, light, agitation and salinity which is sufficient. Our system will help you have everything under control through a mobile app.

Step number 6:

Harvest, filter and consume: It is necessary to harvest and filter spirulina to ensure its good quality and safe use. It lasts two or three days in the refrigerator.

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