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Cultivating spirulina at home or for restaurants

The cultivation of spirulina in indoor spaces is a very interesting option for self-consumption or to include a quality offer in catering businesses. Here you will see how you can cultivate spirulina in a simple way.

Products for spirulina cultivation

At Modulagrofarm® you will find a selection of products for spirulina cultivation that bring together everything you need to achieve a successful experience. Some people are looking for an indoor growth kit or indoor grow rooms and that is precisely what you will find on our page in products ordered and designed to meet the needs of people who want to cultivate spirulina at home.

Armario de cultivo de espirulina

Spirulina grow room​

Our spirulina grow room allows the cultivation to be carried out under the best conditions. Temperature, aeration and process control are optimal and simple. Technical accessibility, portable design, modular structure, innovative control protocol and sustainability orientation make it a technically complete and functionally effective product.

Kit de cultivo de espirulina

Spirulina growth kits

Our spirulina growth kits are perfect for home growers as well as professionals. The strain we work with is Arthrospira platensis, but our kits can be adapted to others. You will find the strain inside a 500 ml bottle, a solid growth medium in the form of a 5-litre bag and an iron solution in a 120 ml bottle.

Complementos para cultivar espirulina

Cultivation accessories

Useful accessories for the maintenance of your spirulina growth kits or your spirulina grow room. We have everything you need in consumables and small equipment. Find what you’re looking for!

How to cultivate spirulina

Step number 1:

Select a suitable growth medium: The spirulina growth medium needs to be adapted to the conditions of your home or restaurant. This is not difficult, as we have the suitable means.

Step number 4:

Establish a growth program: A suitable growth program must be provided for spirulina. You will also find it in our instructions.

Step number 2:

Prepare the culture solution: The culture solution must contain the proper nutrients for the growth of spirulina. We provide them in our growth kit.

Step number 5:

Control the growth of spirulina: There must be control and monitoring of the spirulina growth to ensure good production. Spirulina reproduces by cell division and its growth is rapid when the ideal culture conditions are provided.

Step number 3:

Establish a suitable environment: It is important to have a suitable environment for the cultivation of spirulina. This includes temperature, light, agitation and salinity which is sufficient. Our system will help you have everything under control through a mobile app.

Step number 6:

Harvest, filter and consume: It is necessary to harvest and filter spirulina to ensure its good quality and safe use. It lasts two or three days in the refrigerator.

Qué es la espirulina y para qué sirve

What is spirulina and what is it for?

Spirulina is a microscopic alga with a wealth of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that offers numerous health benefits. It is recommended as a dietary supplement to improve physical performance, energy, mood, digestive health and immunity, as well as to treat some chronic diseases.


The benefits of spirulina are varied and extensive. It boosts the immune system, helps reduce cholesterol and triglycerides, protects against free radicals, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, helps improve physical performance, increases energy and endurance, improves digestive health, helps lose weight, improves mood and helps prevent premature aging. Spirulina is also increasingly used for the treatment of some diseases.

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