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Incubator PRO

Container closed with an easy-to-use lid, which includes a ventilation and lighting system and maintains the temperature in the optimum range for the growth of the organism. Capacity up to 200 L. Possibility of including a shaking system for homogenisation of the culture. Ref: IncubatorPRO1.0 It is a closed system simulating the culture of spirulina farms, but with the advantage of greater control over the culture and the conditions. In addition, it avoids seasonality and dependence on the weather. As well as avoiding any physical or biological contamination that can be produced in air cultivation. A sustainable and controlled way of growing spirulina in a comfortable amount. In short, it is an efficient and versatile solution for growing organisms in a controlled environment.

How is the room

  • The culture is protected from any environmental incidence and external agents. The Incubator to cultivate spirulina allows maintaining the ideal requirements for the growth of spirulina and at the same time hinders the invasion of contaminating organisms.
  • It is a closed system, which allows the species to be grown at any time of the year under the right conditions.
  • The cultivation conditions are managed automatically by means of an innovative control module. It allows the control to be carried out from the mobile App.
  • The design of the incubator, taking into account the needs and functionalities, has been oriented towards a simple structure but a sufficient quantity for larger productions than the culture cabinet.
  • The control system provides the grower with constant information that allows him to continuously identify any need for action to be taken.
  • This incubator includes a temperature control, which is provided by a light installed in the lid, which in turn can be regulated to control the luminosity and an aeration control, through a device that provides the movement of the fluid by means of air flows.
  • The incubator can produce up to 200 litres of culture, but can be started at 40 litres. Each litre of culture yields 2.5-3 grams of spirulina mass, which can be grown every 2-3 days. The size is 36 cm high, 61.5 cm wide and 121 cm long.

Rooms parts

  • Incubator: the spirulina is cultivated inside the incubator under the right conditions. It protects the culture from outside conditions.
  • Lighting: dual function system. It provides the necessary radiation for photosynthesis and allows the temperature range to be optimal for the process. The incubator does not use any heating element. The lighting parameters are automatically controlled.
  • Temperature: the incubator allows for automated (controller) measurements of the interior of the culture. It is controlled by the module’s control system.
  • Aeration/Agitation: it performs the agitation of the culture, the elimination of oxygen and the contribution of atmospheric carbon, in an automated way (controller). It is controlled by the module control system.
  • Control: the Spirulina incubator allows automated monitoring, configuration and control of the key parameters of the cultivation process, both in situ and remotely, thanks to its configuration protocols, connectivity and developed software.


  • Technical simplicity: easy use and general handling. Maintenance can be carried out by growers of any crop volume. Optimisation of running costs and maintenance costs. Our incubator has no heating elements.
  • Adaptable design: up to 3 incubators can be combined with one culture control. Easy to fit on racks.
  • Innovative control protocol: control of temperature, and removal of oxygen and atmospheric carbon input. The protocol allows:
  • Spirulina to be cultivated at any time of the year under the right conditions, without the need to travel to the cultivation facility.
    To have up-to-date information on the status of the conditions in which the crop is grown.
    The producer can customise the control parameters to meet their needs in terms of cultivation conditions.
  • We promote sustainability:
    With the spirulina cultivator, trips to the cultivation facilities are avoided.
    Energy consumption is optimised.
    Cultivation in different areas is made possible.
    We participate in the efficient cultivation of a sustainable foodstuff.

What does the product contain?

Additional information


Incubator , Lighting , Aeration , Controller

How to cultivate spirulina

Step number 1:

Select a suitable growth medium: The spirulina growth medium needs to be adapted to the conditions of your home or restaurant. This is not difficult, as we have the suitable means.

Step number 4:

Establish a growth program: A suitable growth program must be provided for spirulina. You will also find it in our instructions.

Step number 2:

Prepare the culture solution: The culture solution must contain the proper nutrients for the growth of spirulina. We provide them in our growth kit.

Step number 5:

Control the growth of spirulina: There must be control and monitoring of the spirulina growth to ensure good production. Spirulina reproduces by cell division and its growth is rapid when the ideal culture conditions are provided.

Step number 3:

Establish a suitable environment: It is important to have a suitable environment for the cultivation of spirulina. This includes temperature, light, agitation and salinity which is sufficient. Our system will help you have everything under control through a mobile app.

Step number 6:

Harvest, filter and consume: It is necessary to harvest and filter spirulina to ensure its good quality and safe use. It lasts two or three days in the refrigerator.

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