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Spirulina grow room

If you are looking for a less industrial level, we have developed this room for the cultivation of spirulina, technically called an envelope or integral module. Its size is ideal for use as a crop both individually by consumers in their homes and for catering and hospitality, since it meets all health requirements. It has been developed together with a control module adapted to these dimensions, which controls the same parameters and can be managed through the App or web created for it. Its management does not require biotechnological knowledge. Inside, spirulina is cultivated under suitable conditions. It protects the crop from outdoor conditions. It houses the systems of the cultivation process to be carried out in a simple and efficient way.

What is the spirulina grow room like?

  • The crop is protected from any environmental impact and external agents. The spirulina grow room allows maintenance of the ideal requirements for the growth of spirulina and at the same time, impedes the invasion of polluting organisms.
  • It is a closed system, which allows species such as spirulina to be cultivated at any time of the year under suitable conditions.
  • Cultivation conditions are managed automatically by an innovative control module. It allows control from the mobile app.
  • The design of the module, taking into account the needs and functionalities, has been oriented to a simple structure, with uncomplicated components and agile and complete control systems.
  • The control system provides the producer with constant information that allows continuous identification of any need for actions to be carried out.
  • It is a portable module that allows the cultivation to be carried out wherever desired.
  • This spirulina grow room includes a temperature control, provided by LED lights, which in turn can be adjusted for the control of brightness and an aeration control, with the supplementary air pump.
  • Dimensions and measures: about 12 litres of culture can be produced in the room, as it can hold six two-litre bottles. From each of the bottles you get 1.5 grams per bottle every other day if you dilute 1/3. The size is 42 cm high, 50 cm wide and 47 cm deep.


Parts of the spirulina grow room

  • Room: Inside, spirulina is cultivated under suitable conditions. It protects the crop from outdoor conditions. It houses the systems of the cultivation process to be carried out in a simple and efficient way.
  • Lighting: Dual function system. It provides the radiation necessary for photosynthesis and allows the temperature range to be optimal for the process. The module does not use any heating elements. Lighting parameters are controlled automatically.
  • Temperature: The spirulina grow room allows us to have measurements of the interior and exterior, automatically (controller). It is controlled by the module control system.
  • Aeration: Carries out the agitation of the culture, the elimination of oxygen and the contribution of atmospheric carbon, automatically (controller). It is controlled by the module control system.
  • Control: The spirulina grow room allows automated monitoring, configuration and control of the key parameters of the cultivation process, both in situ and remotely, thanks to its configuration protocols, connectivity and developed software.


Advantages of the spirulina grow room

  • Technical simplicity. Easy to use and manage. Maintenance actions can be carried out by producers of any culture volume. Optimization of operating costs and maintenance costs. Our spirulina grow room does not have heating elements.
  • Portable design: This allows cultivation anywhere the producers need.
  • Modular structure: This allows us to adapt our cultivation volume to our own sales or production needs.
  • Innovative control protocol: Temperature control, and the elimination of oxygen and the input of atmospheric carbon. The protocol allows:
    Spirulina to be cultivated at any time of the year with suitable conditions, without the need to travel to the cultivation facility.
    Availability of updated information on the situation of the conditions in which the culture is found.
    The producer custom configures the control parameters to their cultivation condition needs.
  • We promote sustainability:
    With the spirulina grow room, trips to the cultivation facilities are avoided.
    Energy consumption is optimised.
    It is possible to cultivate in different areas (rural areas, etc.).
    We participate in the efficiency of cultivating a sustainable food.


What does the product contain?

Additional information

Grow room

Spirulina grow room with capacity for 6 bottles.

Control module

Data storage and control system through the app or web

How to cultivate spirulina

Step number 1:

Select a suitable growth medium: The spirulina growth medium needs to be adapted to the conditions of your home or restaurant. This is not difficult, as we have the suitable means.

Step number 4:

Establish a growth program: A suitable growth program must be provided for spirulina. You will also find it in our instructions.

Step number 2:

Prepare the culture solution: The culture solution must contain the proper nutrients for the growth of spirulina. We provide them in our growth kit.

Step number 5:

Control the growth of spirulina: There must be control and monitoring of the spirulina growth to ensure good production. Spirulina reproduces by cell division and its growth is rapid when the ideal culture conditions are provided.

Step number 3:

Establish a suitable environment: It is important to have a suitable environment for the cultivation of spirulina. This includes temperature, light, agitation and salinity which is sufficient. Our system will help you have everything under control through a mobile app.

Step number 6:

Harvest, filter and consume: It is necessary to harvest and filter spirulina to ensure its good quality and safe use. It lasts two or three days in the refrigerator.

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